Drivehome06_1_02_1Wow!  I know this is over a week due, but it was an amazing conference.  1st, Daniel and I were able to get a Merc. C230 for the price of the standard car we had rented.  Then we randomly stopped by a church we recognized from seminary classes – "Perimeter Church".  When we asked to look around, they sent down a member of the church staff to look around.  Now this is amazing….I introduced myself as Jeremy Pickwell.  He looked at me funny and said, "My best friend when I was younger was a Pickwell."  And you’ll never believe that it happened to be my dad!  He spent 2 hours talking with us about ministry and showing us their facilities.  We knew it was a God-appointment.  And that was before the conference even started!  What did we take from that?  Train disciples.  Focus on small groups.  Develop leaders. To be continued…

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