Cribs, Accessories, Etc.


Ok….there is tooooooo much baby stuff.  Jennifer and I had a blast registering for our wedding.  But our baby registry was a different thing altogether.  Very stressful!  There is way too much STUFF out there.  What did they do just 50 years ago?  But of course, we wondered our way down the maze of baby necessities and finally finished. 
Baby Depot
Now if we could settle on some baby furniture.  Any suggestions…convertible cribs or standard?

2 thoughts on “Cribs, Accessories, Etc.

  1. I’ve been told to skip the conversions. Supposedly they arent as solid as a regular bed when the kids are older (jumping and playing on etc) and rarely last that long anyway so you’ll still need the larger, sturdier bed at some point.

  2. CONGRATS on a baby boy coming soon! 🙂 You are too funny, and RIGHT, a lot of the stuff you see is NOT necessary! I got lots of help from other new moms when I registered! And I agree – convertible cribs are way more expensive and not as sturdy…we LOVE our $100 Walmart crib and plan to sell it once we’re done having babies – you will probably have another baby needing the crib around the same time the oldest is ready for a bed, so then you can just buy a cheap toddler bed (or ask around and get a free twin, like we did!) for the oldest! 🙂

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