Free Training

If you are like me, you wear many hats.  Worship leader, videographer, editor, creative genius (kidding), etc, etc.  Part of making our job easier is to get the right equipment for the job.  Two tools I use are Final Cut Pro Studio and Digital Juice.  But, IF you ARE like me, you just want to jump in and start messing with stuff.  DON’T!  Those of us who by necessity take on different jobs must make the most of our time.  And part of that is to take advantage of available training.  With new equipment is a new learning curve.  I’ve found that by investing time into the training materials provided, I take HOURS off of the learning curve, and find things I never new I could do!  Jb_35_1

FCS comes with tutorials.  And digital juice has a free email newsletter, packed with tips and tricks to make your resources stretch.  You’ll be glad you did this!  Do what is against the nature of all men…READ THE MANUALS!

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