Unfortunately, we were w/out our lead guitarist this past Sunday.  Brandon has grown so much over the past year and it really hurts when he’s not there.  You could say it sounds empty.  But for a while we have been wanting to transition to using loops on a regular basis, and beyond that, a simple click track to keep us as tight as possible.

So missing our geeetar and needing something extra on a new song we were singing ("Mighty To Save"), I embarked on creating our first loop.  A day and a half later…nearly straight through…I finally had completed it.  And it worked great!  Matt(drummer) loaded the audio into his drum pad and used it as a trigger.  With our Aviom headphone system, he was able to crank the volume up in his ear and we simply followed him.  The track included el. drums, 2 types of guitars, and an organ.  Hopefully we can begin to really perfect this area add some depth to our music.  Stay tuned!

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