1st Volunteer Huddle

Sunday, we had our first Volunteer Huddle!  Let me back up a second.  At the end of last year we were challenged to evaluate our systems…which in turn create behaviors.  So we specifically looked at the systems that were effecting our culture of volunteerism.  From that we scheduled several volunteer huddles throughout the year.  The objective of these gatherings are:

  • connect the dots for out people (remind them how their jobs fit into the context of the vision)
  • recast the vision
  • encourage them
  • give them important news
  • simply say thanks!

We catered in Bridges Brick Oven (Yummmm) for everybody, played some stupid games, and Daniel did a great job recasting the vision to church Fredericksburg.  And beyond that, we were able to roll out the idea for a name change in our near future.  Overall, it was a great time.  I had several people come up to me and thank us for doing this for them.  Everybody needs a pick-me-up!

Oh and the best thing….we gave everybody these cool shirts!  When (i) serve with my church family, (i) help Illuminate the Gospel of Christ to the community!Dsc00030

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