Someone asked me last week something that really through me off-guard.  "You seem stressed.  How are you doing?"  Huh?  I though I had a lot on my plate, but I never really thought it showed.  But obviously it did, and someone picked up on it.  I’m quickly realizing that you must always lead bigger than you are.  Of course I’ve always heard that, but to put it into practice is entirely different.  There is a learning curve…and then another when your leadership style must change again as you continue to grow.  Leadership is different at 300, 500, 1000, and so on.  And each marker signifies a change is how we lead people.  The key is to recognize these markers not as hard lines, but as  blended lines.  In other words its hard to recognize, "Ok, now I need to lead this way because we are this big."  Rather, I must continually GROW in my leadership approach and continually CHANGE the way I lead.  So that way I don’t end up making drastic changes to keep up with the growth…I instead am ahead of the growth.  Piece of cake right?

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