Lights- FINALLY!

So we finally got our lights up last weekend.  Praise God!  It made a huge difference and, overall, the people loved it.  We did run into a snag though.  The audience is too dim.   So we’re addressing that in some creative ways….would like some feedback though!  Also, we ordered 500w lamps and received 300w lamps instead…but that is being addressed as well.  Over all I am pleased – and relieved.  I learned some things during the process…mainly, ASK LOTS OF QUESTIONS FROM YOUR VENDOR!  And don’t be afraid of repetition.  Yes you’ve asked the question 5 times, but go for six to make sure.  One thing I have learned is that I will reward excellence.  When I find a dealer who treats me well and communicates well, I will continually go back to them.  Even if it is more expensive!  Trustworthy people are hard to come by.

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