Round 2

My dad and step-mom visited last weekend.  It was so good to see them and it was actually the first time they had visited Lighthouse.  Thankfully they didn’t storm off in disgust and wonder why their son had joined such a ‘rock-n-roll’ irreverent church.  They actually liked it!

Now for round 2.  Jennifer’s parents are coming in.  Now they did come visit last year at Easter.  But since, we’ve added lights and moved buildings.  The struggle for Jennifer and I, though, is we will spend another Thursday night furiously cleaning tubs, toilets, vacuuming, mopping, cleaning counter tops, finishing laundry, dusting, and hopefully somehow finding a way to mow the jungle in our 20×20 back yard.  Now if this isn’t bad enough…we now have to do a BETTER job for Jennifer’s parents than mine.  Not sure what that is supposed to indicate.  AND her parents aren’t even staying here.  So my plan of attack (if I were single), would be to clean a pathway from the front door to the upstairs bathroom, and to the kitchen, hit the high-spots, hide the low-spots, and mysteriously have the bulbs missing in rooms we didn’t get cleaned.  But daughters have this fear that their mothers will immediately walk in, donning a white glove reminiscent of Michael Jackson, and begin military inspections of not only the tops of picture frames, but the tops of baseboards as well.  I’ve still yet to see this happen.

Lastly we must make haste to Wal-Mart and purchase every last can of Diet Coke.  My in-laws are religious Diet Coke drinkers. Sometimes with the lime, sometimes without.  Depends on how adventurous they’re feeling.  On top of what we purchase, they will also bring their own stash of fizzy and with very little effort, wipe both inventories completely out.  I wonder if they are saving their Coke rewards?

1 thought on “Round 2

  1. I definitely wouldn’t call it a ‘rock-n-roll’ irreverent Church.

    As my own Pastor says If that don’t light your fire your woods wet.

    The Holy Spirit manifest his presence during the service and Sweet He IS. I Praise the Lord for what he is doing in The Life of Light House Church.

    Jeremy and Daniel It IS ALL ABOUT JESUS…………….Love you, Dad

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