Dsc00211_2It’s Tuesday….I am finally feeling rested.  And I’ve needed this long!
Saturday was incredible!  The Easter Egg Drop was an incredible success.  We had absolutely no idea so many people would show up.  It was amazing!  Around 3000 showed up and hundreds of more were turned away. 

At first I was really upset….one of those "why God" times in the shower.  You see, we had been praying for clear weather.  And I didn’t wake up to clear weather.  I woke up to snow covered ground.  But of course, God knew what he was doing.  The snow melted, the ground was dry, and the day was clear.  If it had been any clearer, we wouldn’t have been able to handle the crowd!

Thoughts from the day:

  • Do not wear heavy boots next year – I had Jennifer bring my hiking boots due to the snow.  Big mistake.  They’re heavy and my legs are jello.
  • Get walkie talkies – I was a human walkie talkie.  I ran from the vehicle entrance to the parking lot several times gaging the parking situation.  And I ran in heavy boots!  Monday I felt like I had been through a workout.
  • Pray for warmth – I prayed for a dry day…got it.  Next time I need to remember the temperature.
  • Are people are amazing!  Go team!
  • God is even more amazing!  It was one of those times when you KNEW what you were seeing was a God thing.

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