Can anybody hear me?

The biggest obstacle to overcome in my blogging life is the feeling that I really have nothing to say.  Elmer Towns replied to a student one time about how to go about writing a book.  In his Yoda voice full of the gravitas of a Jedi Knight he said, "Don’t write a book unless you have something worth saying."  Ouch.  And yet there is this world of blogging that goes deeper than I have time to dig.  People are reading them, and honestly, some of them make absolutely no sense whatsoever.

So maybe I should change my tactics.  Maybe I should view this as therapeutic….I don’t necessarily see myself as ‘cool’.  Now Carlos…he’s a cool dude.  Steve Fee…rocks.  You’ve got your Lambs, Furticks, and the such.  People reaching thousands through their ministry and thousands more through their daily blogs.  I feel pretty average.  But that is not how God sees you.  Bla bla bla….I’m not looking for Sunday School answers, I’m just rambling.  Remember…therapy.

So maybe I’m just going to say what is on my mind.  And maybe someday somebody will think what I have to say is interesting.  And maybe they will tell their friends.  And maybe, just maybe, I will eventually have an audience peering into my cluttered head.  And JUST MAYBE, a nugget of truth will fall out by accident, as when you shake your shoe upside down to get a rock out.  And maybe that nugget of truth will impact somebody somewhere.  And to think it would have all started with therapy.
Until then….drop me a line.  Let me know your reading.  And please, for heaven’s sake, give me some suggestions to make this blog look better.

10 thoughts on “Can anybody hear me?

  1. Dad

    Therapy is good, I have a very good friend Gary Baker who sends out an email every weekday and they are Great. He tells of something that happened that day or the day before it may be a revelation through someone at work or out to lunch or maybe his wife or children anyway God is ALWAYS Reveling himself everywhere we turn but are we tuned in and looking for Him? Gary always ends with a scripture and Prayer Request for the Pastor and one S.S. Teacher, Deacon or Staff Member. I want to Challenge you to share what God is teaching You through everyday life not just as a Music Minister but as Jeremy Pickwell Called of God. Love Dad

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