Can’t we all just get along!

So this morning I was getting my Carlos Whittaker fix when I came across his most recent post concerning Steve Furtick.  Apparently the dude has hit as the top 2 search on Technorati for his impending ban on the website.  Furtick intentionally shields himself from negative criticism and only listens to those closest to him…which is a great idea.  But lately his been looking up himself on Technorati and reading negative blogs about him and Elevation Church.

Which brings me to my next point.  Who in the world is criticizing this guy?  Elevation has grown from 17 to 1800 in one year!  I mean come on!  Thats nuts!  Just on Easter 149 people accepted Christ.  Praise God!  I asked Daniel what he was doing to grow like that.  His answer was "its the favor of God."  Which is true…and not so true.  He is obviously in the right point with his relationship with God to where God CAN bless as he is.

Which brings me to my last point.  I want some criticism!  I remember as my home church, Higher Ground, exploded in growth.  You could here grumblings all over the place.  It was great!  You knew something major was going on, because either good or bad, EVERYONE was talking about Higher Ground.  I long to see that in Fredericksburg.  I am no longer concerned about Sunday numbers…except for one.  How many now know Christ?  How many made that choice?  How many did we baptize today?  God please give us a great harvest of souls!  Church this city!

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