Song writing and homework

The strangest thing happens to me when I start falling asleep….music pops in my head.  Now, try to get me to write a song while I’m coherent and I don’t like it.  I am my biggest critic.  And I feel quiet lousy as a poet.  And more so, I feel like what pops into my head…well…sounds like something I just listened to.  Thus, I have very few original songs in my library.  BUT, let me fall asleep and I’m thinking of all sorts of things.  And they sound original.  The bad thing is I THEN FALL ASLEEP!  And once I’ve slept I remember nothing. So I need to either keep a pad of paper by my bead…or sleep all of the time.  Since the later would not lead to much productivity, even though it sounds like an ingenious idea, I am going to keep a pad of paper by my bead.  Hopefully this will lead to something great.

Now back to my schoolwork…ugh.  This is my last week and I will have my masters.  I’m so done with school.

1 thought on “Song writing and homework

  1. I am so totally with you on that one! one more week and we will have so much more credibility! LOL! Do you think then people will take us seriously?

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