Virginia Tech

Vt_emblemHow do you  respond to an even like this?  What is one to say?  I am a closet Virginia Tech fan.  I used to drive by the school on a regular basis to and from home.  My uncle and grandfather are both VT graduates.  And it just seemed like a good ‘ol boy school.  Now it has been thrown into turmoil.

My prayers go out to the family of Virginia Tech.  I can’t imagine the grieving process that is taking place now…not only by those who lost loved ones, but also those who simply live close to the school.  In a college town you take ownership in the local school.  I’m sure most of those in Blacksburg are reeling from this event.  It takes away your sense of innocence, your sense of safety, your sense of normalcy.  Now every hotel is booked with news reporters from every corner of the country.  And I know the hotel managers wish the rooms were empty.

Over the next few weeks, and even on the annual anniversary of the event, people will garner expert advice on why this happened.  No one will know, but they will act as if they have the answer.  The ultimate answer is that we live in a broken world.  This is nothing new.  Look at the bell-tower shootings in Texas decades ago.  But now it’s personal.  Now its our generation.  Now its our relatives and friends.  All we can do is mourn and seek God’s face.  "Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted."  Though the world is broken, we know that God’s comfort is not.  More troubling is the idea that it takes a crisis to run back to God….when he’s been there all the time.

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