I have a dilemma.  There are too many conferences I want to attend:

Buzz Conference – D.C. – 07
Purpose Driven Worship – Orange Co. – 07
Willow Arts Conference – Chicago – 07
C3 – Dallas – 08
Drive – Atlanta -08
Catalyst – Atlanta -07
Re:Create Conference – Franklin – dunno when

Have I missed any others?  So what is a must and what can I miss?  I can choose 2.

5 thoughts on “Conferences

  1. i’ve been to purpose driven and it was amazing. tricia and i went last year and spent the evenings exploring the pacific coast highway…can’t beat that for a work trip. 🙂

    i would give my left arm to go to re-create so if you can hit that one…do it!

    catalyst is fun…great worship…and generally really good communicators. geared at leaders and not specifically worship though. i have been to that one twice…this years line up looks to be off the charts…

    my two cents… 🙂

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