Thoughts from Breakout Churches

"Breakout Churches" by Thom Rainer is the Christian version of "Good to Great."  Many have read good to great, and if you haven’t you should.  Great book.  But Rainer has taken the principles of GtG and applied it to BC.  In fact the entire book is modeled after it.  But let me share what has impacted me in the 1st 2 chapters – Leadership.  As Collins has level five leadership, Rainer labels it Acts 6/7 leadership.  In each of the first 7 chapters of Acts he identifies different aspects of a leader.

  • Acts 1 – The Called Leader – Are you called?  98%
  • Acts 2 – The Contributing leader – Are you doing your job?  22%
  • Acts 3 – The Outwardly-Focused Leader – Are you focused on reaching out?  14%
  • Acts 4 – The Passionate Leader – Are you passionate about what you do?  6%
  • Acts 5 – The Bold Leader – Are you bold in decisions?  3%
  • Acts 6 – The Legacy Leader – Are you setting up your ministry for the long haul?  Less that 1%

Instead of figuring out how to make it to the last step, I wanted to focus on 2 levels that challenged me.  First was Acts 2.  Rainer says,   

        "In our research on effective evangelistic churches, we found that leaders spent approximately twenty hours per week in sermon preparation and prayer.  The leaders of comparison (less evangelistic) churches spent only five hours per week in sermon preparation and prayer.  And only 4 percent of churches (out of 50,000 that they surveyed) in America  met our criteria to be an effective evangelistic church." (pg. 42)

Ouch.  So I asked myself, am I doing the work of a worship leader.  What does that look like?  For me it is:

  • Casting Vision for my ministry
  • Prayer
  • Musical Preparation
  • Leading worship

Yes there is developing leaders, planning, etc.  But I’m talking basic stuff.  Look at the numbers next to each level.  Only 22% of those they surveyed pray and preach at least 20 hours a week.  That is basic stuff!  So I am challenged to be mindful of the basics and focus on them.  More to come tomorrow….

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