Please tell me no!

Why I don’t have my confessional up yet:

Please tell me no…no I am not that old.  Am I so old at 31 that I am on par with my elders who can’t program a VCR…wait…what is a VCR?  My ext. hard drive crashed and my sound guy recovered the files and put them on 7 DVD’s….split archives using 7zip.  However, my PC doesn’t have a DVD drive.  And 7zip isn’t a Mac program…see the problem.  So now I have what is equivalent to Israel and Palestine linked via a fire wire cable to get these things unzipped.  And it is taking forever! 14hrs to be exact.  Then I have to move them from the mac to my new terabyte.  I’m sure the Mac is furious it is having to swap spit with a lowly PC.  The PC is so stupid it doesn’t know any better.  It’s just happy to be alive after 4 yrs.  But, I’m sure my niece from elementary school would walk in, wonder inquisitively what in the world I’m doing, and find a solution that would take 5 minutes.

Things I wonder…

  • What the heck is RSS?  I see it all the time but I’m afraid if I select I may unravel the time/space continuum.
  • Why is it when I ask my sound guy a computer question, a message goes off in my head "Warning! Your Virtual Memory is Low."
  • I have no idea what the difference is between all of these options for video rendering…except some are big and some are small.
  • I don’t wonder, I know…I hate my mouse.
  • Why I never switched to Mac sooner.
  • Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?

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