God will provide

I am promised that God will provide my needs.  These are things that I certainly need and am praying for…

  • Stage director – I need someone who can run the show on Sunday’s so that I can focus on worship.  They need to make sure things are running smoothly.  Are the vocals in place?  Is the band in place?  What’s up with the video?  Are the lights on cue?  Does the stage look good?  Do we need to make any adustments?  Are we keeping on schedule pre-service?

  • Musicians – We are one layer deep.  They are amazing!  But as we grow, we will need more musicians.  Guitars, bass, drums, keys, etc.  More venues will require more musicians.
  • Volunteers – I am technically the ‘Service Programming Manager.’  This is a format modeled after Northpont.  The entire Foyer environment is under my supervision….Host team, Media, Worship, setup, etc.  We are in two services and need recruit more volunteers in the Host team and setup.  The best way to do this is not from the stage, but a personal invitiation.

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