I’m not organized.  Its no big secret.  I don’t try to act like I’m organized.  It is who I am.  But I am desperately trying to right myself.  Daniel gave me a palm but I hate carrying it around.  I feel that the solution is an all in one phone…one of those smart phones-calender and all.  Here is the question I pose.  What do you use?  I’m with cingular so my options are:

  • iPhone – can I really make myself spend that much money?
  • Blackberry – now there’s more than one option – pearl or 8700
  • Blackjack – is this a pretender or the real thing?
  • Nokia E62 – don’t know much about it
  • AT&T 8525
  • Palm treo

Please advise!

1 thought on “Help!

  1. Lori & Tim

    Hey Jeremy, I would have to say…go Verizon!!!! LOL!! We’re always working for you….

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