Showers that make you messy

Jennifer had her baby shower this past Saturday.  We are so pumped about all of the things we got!  Lots of books.  Enough shampoo to clean the kid for his first 3 years.  832 wet wipes.  Lots of clothes – Wyatt will never be naked.  And our bedding.  Thank you ladies from Lighthouse!  You rock!

So now the nursery looks like Baby’s-R-Us threw up in there.  Stuff is everywhere, and quite frankly, I don’t know where to start.  The troubling thing is that we want to wash all of the clothes, blankets, and sheets and put them away – BUT…what if Wyatt comes out Wynona?  Which, by the way, we wouldn’t pick for a girls name.  I mean, the ultra sound was VERY CLEAR that he was a he.  The nurse said, "Well…if it’s a girl, she is going to have some major issues later in life."  Still there is that twinge of uncertainty.  The other night I had a dream that we had triplets – 2 boys and a girl!  Still very exciting.  Less that 5 weeks to go!

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