Youtube Vs. Google Video

Spent forever yesterday trying to get my video to upload on Youtube…tried smaller formats, different computers, tried the Mac, tried the PC….nothing – nothing – nothing.  Then I remembered I saw Matt’s was on Google Video.  So I tried it.  Uploaded in a few minutes.  If something wastes my time that much I’m prone to never use it again.

2 thoughts on “Youtube Vs. Google Video

  1. jeremy

    give me anything google does any day. Everything they do is smooth as buttah. And now that Google owns YouTube, the whole “networking” aspect that YouTube would carry will carry over into GoogleVideo.

  2. Fred McKinnon

    Hey –
    Count me in … I tried 3x last night and this AM to upload my 50mb .mov to YouTube .. (it was my weekly Worship Confessional Video it failed over and over. Finally it went through … and STILL is sitting on “processing” …

    Yet, I read your post, tried Google Video, and it uploaded fine, and was ready within minutes.

    I’m a convert!

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