Being Intentional

So it’s no secret that we are portable.  And with that comes a number of challenges.  Both Daniel and I work out of our homes – not ideal.  And we are on the front end of growth – so its just the two of us.  Yet there is a lot to get done. 

My job is to oversee everything that a person experiences from when they drive on the lot – to walking in door –  to getting coffee – to getting seated – to what they hear, see and do during the service – to when they leave – apart from what Daniel preaches of course.  Still I have my hand in that as well. 

So I’ve got a HUGE department.  In the past I’ve used email and phone calls to make sure things get done.  And many times I just assume things get done – and they usually do. 

But starting in 2 weeks my department is doing staff meetings and I am pumped!  How can I be pumped about meetings?  Because now everybody that is in leadership under the umbrella of the Sunday morning service will see each other and talk regularly about what is happening, what is coming up, and how things went.  So if the creative team decided to do something that the lighting and media team should know about, it will come out in those meetings.  In the past I’ve been the go between and it is exhausting. 

The best part is the time.  Most of these people work in D.C.  So we’re looking at 5:30 on a weekday morning – and I’m still pumped.  How can this be?

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