Gut Check

I don’t work as hard as I could. 

As you can tell, this will be a very transparent post.

My assumption is that there are many who don’t work as hard as they should.  This is what we do.  We work, whether it be in our church office, home office, or Starbucks.  We blog…maybe way to much.  We surf.  We tend to get distracted.  Now I’m not saying we don’t do what we should.  We do.   We pray.  We plan.  We prepare.  We work hard. But we don’t work HARD.

Um…let me explain.  And please forgive me if I am generalizing and applying this to you.  We could get a lot more done during the day.  But what happens is we tend to spread out that work over the ENTIRE day.  Me especially because I work from home.

Where did this all come from?  My pastor, Daniel, visited Elevation Church and man are they kickn’ butt.  I sent a video camera down with the group and I was blown away by what I saw.  Actually I was intimidated.  I felt inadequate, unprepared….small.

Now, now don’t get your panties in a wad.  I turned that discouragement into encouragement.  I’m fired up.  I want to work my butt off.  And the funny thing is I have to realize that there isn’t anything that will come along to make me a harder worker.  I just have to do it – DISCIPLINE.

Now harder really means smarter.  I must budget my time.  Hand off responsibilities.  Lead and not manage.  Focus on things I do well and build a team around me.  LEAD!  CAST VISION!  INSPIRE!

Now here is where it gets touchy with most.  I am going to work my butt off….I’m going to work harder….I’m going to give up time at home.  BUT….when I am home that time will be quality time.  No email.  No Blackberry.  No cell phone.  Back to an earlier statement….we tend to spread the work over the entire day, and that is not fair to our wives.  Could I have given up a few minutes of surfing to get the thing done I’m working on while Jennifer is home?  Um…yeah.

So here is what I commit to do:

  • Work a full 45 hrs a week.
  • Work full steam ahead.
  • Work smarter.
  • Work more effeciently.
  • Make my time at home QUALITY time.
  • No work when I’m off.  Including:
    • No Cell Phone
    • No Email
    • No Internet
    • Less TV – More Talk

So I challenge all of you.  Evaluate how you spend your time.  Are you operating at 100% efficiency or 65% efficiency?  Our families deserve all of us when we’re home.  But we have to give all we can at work to make it happen.

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