2 thoughts on “Worship Confessional 5

  1. Fred McKinnon

    Great confessional … hey, one thing you talked about was scheduling .. I used to dread it, too .. and I have now falled in love with PlanningCenterOnline.Com

    I saw an ad for it, and saw that NorthPoint had an endorsement. We called our friends up at Brown’s Bridge (NorthPoint campus) and asked if they really used it .. and her reply was “Planning Center is my best friend – it’s saved at least 2 staff positions” (meaning, they didn’t need to hire at least 2 people because of how easy it’s made life for everyone). ‘

    It’s amazing, and small or large, it will transform your ministry.

    For the Kingdom,

  2. Alex McLean

    I too use planningcenteronline – can’t say enough about it! Great WC, this week we had all 3 of our drummers out, so I had to call my bro-in-law who used to play for me alot, but has kind of slipped away. Cool thing – he came to rehearsal and rocked it and is going to play this weekend! God works… you know.

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