Since I’ve Been Gone

So what’s up with me?

  • Wehadababyitsaboy.
  • Lost my 3rd pair of sunglasses in a year.
  • Can’t find my firewire cable so no confessional today.
  • Sleeping is much better!
  • I’ve had 2 sets of parents visit.
  • Lots of yummy meals from church folk.
  • My desk is clean…that’s for you Estrada.
  • Finally signed up for Voip.
  • Have NOT bought the million dollar iPhone.
  • Have changed 100 diapers.
  • Have thought of a great idea that will make me rich.
  • Have put together lots of baby stuff…including a high chair he won’t use for months.
  • Have learned to put a cloth diaper on the unpredictable fountain that is my son’s penis.
  • Swaddling is my new best friend.

So that’s it….how about you?

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