Big Church vs. Small Church Pt. 2

2. Enlarge Your Capacity – 2 Kings 4:6 When all the jars were full, she said to her son, "Bring me another one."  But he replied, "There is not a jar left."
One of the best quotes of the weekend was this, "We stopped praying for
the money and the people, and instead started praying that God would
give us the capacity to handle the money and the people."  Their
biggest fear is that they will run out of jars.  God’s blessing is
never ending.  Our capacity is limited by our limitations.  This
resonates deep within every area of the church….Do you have capacity
to meet all of the people?  Do you have the capacity (systems) to
handle the assimilation of all of those people?  Have you planned?  Are
you expanding the capacity of your brain?  When is the last time you
read something other than the Drudge Report?

3. Dreamers vs. Visionaries – To further strengthen this
point, God showed me another quote in Visioneering by Andy Stanley.
(He’s the pastor of some church in Atlanta).  "Dreamers dream about
things being different.  Visionaries envision themselves making a
difference.  Dreamers think about how nice it would be for something to
be done.  Visionaries look for an opportunity to do something….If you
were God, to whom would you give opportunities? Wishful thinkers?
Dreamers?  Or planners?"  I couldn’t have read this at a better time
than after coming from Elevation.  They were ready for the opportunity
God gave them.  Whereas most churches dream big dreams and are never
ready for them, Elevation envisioned big visions, planned, prepared,
and was ready when God blessed.  Again this goes back to capacity.
Where is your capacity at?

4. Bleed – Chunks said…well…he said a lot of
things…full of great wisdom…anyway, he said, "The staff has to
bleed what it wants the people to do."  Think how this applies…in
giving…in sharing your faith…in sharing the vision.  They rely
heavily on their Volunteer Leaders to get out the vision.  But that
started with them bleeding the vision…moving to a place where they
knew no one…sacrificing jobs, houses, family, and friendships to do
what they knew God wanted them to do.

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