Big Church vs. Small Church Pt. 4

9. What the Vision Does, Not Is – I didn’t get this from
Elevation, but someone in our church.  He said that we have to remember
it is about what the vision does, not is.  He told the story of how
Xerox basically invented everything we know about the personal
computer….mouse, graphic interface, windows.  Yet the CEO was too
narrow minded and stupid to realize what he had and never pursued
everybody needs it and they missed out.  Lesson to be learned?  Sell
out the vision.  Work it.  But remember what the vision is
accomplishing before you ever reach it….which begs the question.  Can
a vision be ultimately reached?  Still there is a fine balance.  You
won’t reach your vision unless you are laser focused on it.  Still
don’t forget to see all the wonderful things that are happening along
the way because of it.

10. Learn & Return – Elevation is one of the most
generous churches I know.  It is a shame that you can sit in the shadow
of some of the biggest churches in the area and never hear a peep of
support from them.  Elevation was sharing what they learned as they
grew.  And their people are amazing.  Their volunteer coordinator spent
30 minutes with me answering any question I could throw at her.  Look
around you and see who you can help along the way.

So I think that is all of it.  I can’t wait to see what God is going
to do through Elevation, but more than that I am so pumped about what
God is going to do through LifePoint!

1 thought on “Big Church vs. Small Church Pt. 4

  1. Dad

    Jeremy, I say this not only as a Proud Dad but as an Observer from the sidelines since You are there and I am here(What) Anyway, I believe from the Bottom of my Heart and Have shared with several people that God is doing a Great Work at Lighthouse Church.
    Keep your Hearts Fresh and Don’t Stray from your First Love.
    You are in my Prayers,I Love You Dad

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