Lake vs. Ocean

Why I like the lake over the ocean.  First lets look at the ocean:

  • Sand gets where it isn’t supposed to be…not fun.
  • Chaffing – see above.
  • Sand…oh wait we’ve covered that.
  • I’m white – I burn.
  • People let their kids run all over our blankets…again we’re at the sand thing.
  • I get bored…waves look the same after a while.
  • Waves knock me over.
  • Sleeping gets old…even for me.
  • Jelly Fish
  • Jaws

Now the lake:

  • I sleep when I want to sleep, I ski when I want to ski, I swim when I want to swim…and boats have built in coolers, radios, etc.
  • I can fish.
  • The waters not clear….what I can’t see won’t hurt me.
  • If someone messes up my relaxation it’s my fault…I brought them.
  • The house is up the hill with all it entails….A/C, toilet, fridge.
  • Trees provide shade – I don’t burn.

Yet the wife likes the ocean…so that usually wins.

2 thoughts on “Lake vs. Ocean

  1. Fred McKinnon

    Hey Jeremy –
    We live on the ocean. My wife is from Gainesville, GA – Lake Lanier. I hear this all the time. I love the ocean, but the lake rocks. If I had to choose between a house on the ocean, and a house on the lake .. I’d choose a house on the ocean and a house on the lake. But I’d spend more time at the house on the lake!

    But only a lake that isn’t massively overcrowded w/ so many people you can’t even wind out your jetski w/o dodging 100 people!

    Have fun!
    Fred McKinnon

  2. Robb

    I hear ya Jeremy. I love the lake but Lorie and the kids love the ocean. But, I’M the MAN of thehouse….so that’s why we’re going to Virginia Beach!! Oh well, at least its vacation!!

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