What is pressure?  Lots of things….sometimes its good, sometimes its bad.  It can make a diamond, or it can crush a submarine.

That is primarily why I have been noticeable absent.  Blogging is far from my mind, but honestly shouldn’t be.  I think this is a great forum to share what is on my heart and different strategies, tips, and tools I am using.

But back to my point.  Why am I pressured?  Because things are crazy!!  In a great way though!  Let’s see the to do list:

  • Name change
  • New signage
  • New designs
  • New format
  • Better organization
  • New Volunteers
  • Order lots of stuff
  • Revamp the Host team
  • Add parking team
  • Get 4 hours of sleep a night (thanks Wyatt)
  • Not to mention the regular things.

I must say none of this would be possible without my great team.  They are taking the bull by the horns and getting things done.  I have been able to give away more and more responsibilities (more on that later) and it has made all of the difference.  A year ago…I think I would have failed.  Why?  Because I would have tried to do everything myself.  And I’m not that good!

So time is ticking.  Our big launch (Sept 9th) is around the corner.  My house looks like Lifepoint Shipping and Receiving.  My wife is going to kill me if another box gets stacked in our living room (and there are more coming).  Actually its kinda like Christmas.  Christmas can be hectic, but it is so much fun at the same time.  So call it Christmas in August.  Plus I get to open up lots of cool boxes and pop bubble wrap.

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