Props to Daughtry…because I can’t sing that high!  We pulled out "What I Want" as the opener this past Sunday…man were we rockin’.  And to beat all, I played the guitar lick!  And I actually pulled it off!  Though Kimberli, one of my vocalists, thought I looked a little too stiff playing it….maybe because it took all the brain cells I had to do it.  (props to all you lead guitarists as well!!)  Plus its the first time I’ve played an electric at Lifepoint.  I let my wife listen to the song on the iPod the week prior and she thought I was joking that we were doing it.  The bad thing is the 2nd song was "Point of Difference".  During the first service I sounded like a 13 yr old going through puberty…I blew my voice out.  Gone…Nada….Nothing left.  Found it during the announcements, and during the 2nd service we lowered the key on PofD down a whole step….saved my life.  Now for some Nickelback next week.  :0)

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