Lifepoint 1.0

I could have called this point Lighthouse 2.0…but we’re not Lighthouse anymore.  Regardless, this post is about new and improved.  We knew we wanted to give Lighthouse a face-lift…and the catalyst for it was our name change.   We picked Sept. 9 because it was after school started and after Labor-day.  We went around and around about what was needed, what we wanted, etc.  But in the end we took away from Elevation Church ROOM DYNAMICS.  So we stuck with our current video and instead focused on creating a welcoming and controlled environment.  These are the main components:

  • New Sound:
    • 2 Meyer Powered UPA-1P’s.  Yeah they’re the creme de la cream.  But you get what you pay for and we were given our first system.  We wanted the sound system where when the drummer hit the kick, a hand reached out of the speaker, punctured your chest, and ripped your heart out, then stomped on it, and even did a little jig on it in the process. These should do the trick along with the next item.
    • 1 Meyer Powered USW-1P.  Dual 15" Drivers….ooooo baby.
    • Viking Cases.  These speakers are HEAVY.  And we want to protect them.  If your portable, this is a no-brainer.
  • New Room:
    • 310′ of pipe and drape:  "OUR YOU CRAZY?"  Yeah…crazy like a fox…sorry just had to say that.  We needed to create by any means a controllable atmosphere and this will give us the tools to do it.  Now the gym won’t feel like a gym…and we can make the room as small as we want it, AND create a fake foyer area at the same time.
  • New Signage:
    • 3 Twirler Flags from Northstar Flags.  Talk to Ashley.
    • 1 Vertical Flag from them as well that attaches to the Displays2go BigFT flag pole…18’tall.  Now people will KNOW they’re at a church and not a school.
    • Pull up directional signage.  These are visible…good price…and you can change out your vinyl at any time.
    • Use JM Signs…They are super-fast.
  • Resources:
    • We took this idea from Elevation.  They make available to their people all kinds of resources that help in sharing their faith and inviting people to church.  Elevation mouse pads, sports bottles, t-shirts, stickers, past sermon-series.
    • Series-specific invite cards:  48hourprint has saved our butts numerous times.  Their quick and easy.  Their autoflight proofing system allows you to see immediately what the product will look like and approve it on the spot.  Prints in 48 hours and you can expedite shipping.  We do all of our invite cards from their…but don’t just use the business card size. Try the ticket, mini-postcard, or odd shaped pieces.
    • Series-specific worship guides:  We actually are saving money by doing this.  We have design drawn up of worship guide and print enough for the series….and a great tip from Elevation…make each series have a different worship guide…different size, different folding options.  Pressex print makes it easy…talk to Richella.

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