Invest in Quality

This is for every church!!  Invest in quality!! Quality leaders, quality products, quality everything.

We purchased a new sound system for our new setup.  The person we bought it from, Eddie Verstrate, told me we were the first church that actually took his advice.  Wow!  What a sad thought!  Let me tell you why.

You can buy something cheap and then pay the price later in more ways that financial.  But many times it ends up biting you financially anyway.  Why?  Because it sucks and you have to go buy something else.  Why not just do it right the first time?  We purchased a Mackie TT24 over a year ago because we knew it would grow with us.  It is better to invest in quality on a few things than invest in junk on a lot of things.  I would rather have 2 meyer speakers and 1 SM58 than a whole Beringer system…sorry for those of you using Beringer.  Of course you can’t do it all at once.  A little at a time will do.  But quality in – quality out.  Junk in – junk out.

The new speakers we purchased, (Meyer UPA-1P (2), Meyer USW-1P (1)) were worth every penny.  Ask anybody who was there on Sunday.  AMAZING.  Crisp, clear, powerful, intelligible, pleasant….just freakn’ amazing.  The key is it completely changed the atmosphere and room dynamics of Sunday morning.  People WANT to hear something that sounds good.  Additionally they will move with us no matter what the venue.  When we move to a larger auditorium we can add a couple more of these and blow the place out.

Once you invest in quality equipment, get someone to EQ and tune the system.  We hired Eddie as part of the package to EQ the room and every channel…AND compress and gate drums.  Once you do that, keep it maintained.  Have someone come in periodically and re-tune.  Invest in training for your sound-techs.  Don’t hope they’ll figure it out.  Trial and error isn’t a great philosophy when Sunday mornings and the eternal consequence of people are in the balance.

So find someone you can trust…like Eddie and do what they say.  You won’t regret it.  (By the way, he can help you with audio, video, lights….you name it.)

1 thought on “Invest in Quality

  1. Fred McKinnon

    Congrats, Jeremy –

    We’re getting a set of Meyer line arrays (6 on each side) and a couple of dual-18 Meyer subs in our new building, along with a super-nice yamaha digital mixer .. can’t wait!

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