I think Dr. Falwell once said, "Nothing of eternal consequence happens apart from prayer" and "Ever failure is a prayer failure."  I think those are right….but I know Pastor Daniel speaks those words to us quite often.

Fred McKinnon responded to my Unbelievable post with "so think that prayer is working?"  He hit the nail on the head!  We meet as a staff weekly on Wednesday mornings at 7:30 to pray and hold each other accountable as a staff.  This morning we were looking at the remarkable growth we’ve had and knew it had to be God!  I mean seriously…do you think pipe and drape, fancy worship guides, or a new name will grow a church 100 people in one week?  Come on!  No way!  We asked that God would do more in the first 52 days of Lifepoint than the last year and 8 months of Lighthouse.  And so far that is happening.

Word of warning.  If you think you can grow a church with slick material, great advertising, or whatever your heart fancies….without prayer….your sorely mistaken.  We KNOW this is God…not us.            

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