Rss Category Feeds

Bummed at Typepad at the moment.  Fred McKinnon asked if I could start categorizing my set-lists and worship confessionals (which I have taken a hiatus on).  And guess what….can’t RSS feed categories in Typepad….unless I pay an extra $6 a month for Typepad Pro.  This lets you do an Advanced Template Set – whatever that is.  And being a broke person, $6 is a big deal.

Any suggestions?  Is WordPress better suited for this or would I have the same problem?  Any other blogging services you would like to recommend?

2 thoughts on “Rss Category Feeds

  1. Fred McKinnon

    WordPress does everything TypePad would do, will import your TypePad entries, and is FREE. WordPress (self-hosted) is the best option, but free hosting works OK – supports this feature, but limited ability to customize, other than modifying your .css, I believe.


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