The front half…

The front half of my week is nuts….
Mondays…well are Mondays.  Just trying to recover from Sunday.  I get all of my contacts from Sunday, send out letters, see to it that all prayer requests are covered, try to get some reading in, then 4-7 we have our creative team meeting.  Love these meetings.  They were Thursday nights 8-10, but we were worthless…too pooped.  Now we are getting some real creative juices flowing!  (Even crazier this week because I had a dentist app. from 2-4.

Tuesday…well are Tuesdays.  Every other one I have great leadership meetings with my team at 5:30 AM.  Then off to staff meeting from 8-whenever…usually 12.  Then Daniel and I meet to discuss future sermons, give him what the creative team has come up with for the sermon 2 Sunday’s out, and make sure we are going in the right direction.  This is essential.  We actually had to make a calendar so we could see what cue sheet he gets, what Sunday we need to get details on for the creative team, and what Sunday we should be working on in our Monday creative meetings.  Helps to see it on paper and have deadlines for everything.

Yesterday Josh and I followed up staff meeting by visiting local dealerships.  Landed 2 Mustang GT’s for our first Sunday of Drive.  Can’t wait!

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