Spiritual Budgeting

If you’ve been through Financial Peace University, (and if you haven’t you should), you know about the rainy day fund.  Step #1 – Put $1000 in the bank as fast as you can because Murphy will strike…you know…Murphy’s Law?  I actually had someone ask me who Murphy was.  Anyway…Jennifer and I have went a step further since we attended the course in January.  Each month we pulled a $100 cash and put it in an envelope called "Repairs". 

I’m not sure if you know this or not, but cars break.  And when they break, boy do they go all out.  We haven’t touched our envelope.  I was feeling pretty good.  $600 just sitting there.  The envelope was getting fatter by the month.  Sometimes I would open it just to smell the money.  But I knew it had a purpose.  It wasn’t just there to take up space.  It was their to save our butts.

And alas the day came.  My Sonata failed inspection.  With bad alignment, my tires were rubbing poorly and some belt was beginning to show through.  So I whipped out the envelope.  4 new tires, new alignment, and I went ahead and replaced my front rotors and break pads (did that myself, thank you very much).  The car had had a bad shimmy every time I hit the breaks.  THEN, the Toyota failed inspection.  Bad back breaks…and again I whipped out the envelope.  Then yesterday I replaced a headlight, and in the process found out the battery connector was corroded through.  Both easy fixes.

So whats my point.  If I hadn’t had a plan for my money, I would have went into debt over $600.  All on a credit card.  Now I’m actually planning on upping the amount to $250 a month and double the fund as a ‘new used car’ fund.

Spiritually many of us are like a majority of Americans who have no plan for their money.  We don’t plan for spiritual disasters, or life disasters for that matter.  We MAY have a 5 minute devotional to appease our conscience and bolt out the door to take care of real life.  Then REAL LIFE happens.  And we’re spiritually bankrupt….spiritually in debt – woefully unprepared for the roadblocks and fiery darts of the devil.

So take my advice.  Prepare.  Set aside some money for car repairs.  And set aside some time to spend with God.  You may think you don’t need it.  But you do.  Its fuel for the soul, and a great way to prepare for life, future events, and Murphy.

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