I’m dying here.  We’re kicking off our Drive series Sunday and I can’t wait.  This series is going to have the best music we’ve ever done…but it is stretching the crap out of me!  We’re doing "Life is a Highway" this Sunday and I never thought I could listen to that song too much.  I think I played it AT LEAST 200 times.  First to get the guitar part down…if that were only the end of it.  Now I’m about to beat my head against the wall trying to play a rhythm completely different than want I’m singing.  "Life is a…" Strum, strum, strum….ARGH!  I think my left hand is going to fall off….but the vocals are going to be off the hook.  DON’T MISS IT!!!  You may see smoke coming out of my ears!

1 thought on “Streeetttchhhhhed

  1. Robb

    Y’all nailed this song on Sunday. The band sounded great (as usual). Matt has to be the best drummer in the area!

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