Bike day!

I have had so much fun with our DRIVE series.  The creative elements have been outstanding and the response has been amazing!

Yesterday we baptized 10 people in our portable baptistry, and several people accepted Christ!

The creative elements this week were especially fun AND powerful.  First, Josh did an amazing job putting together this video for the special – "Lost Highway" by Bon Jovi.  2 weeks ago Josh and I filmed a group from our church on their sports bikes.  Of course I just drove and let Josh hang out the window, sunroof, and off the back end of the bikes.  But the product was nothing short of professional.  Shot in full HD it is his best work yet. 

To make the idea fit perfectly, Josh created the video over the original song.  Then my drummer-genius Matt created a loop that fit the song exactly.  Take out the song – place in the loop – pan the click left and the loop right – render – and walla.  David our sound tech kept the left channel off in the house, panned the right channel center – and we have both left & right in our Avioms.  The result was "Lost Highway" with timed video transitions and breaks.  See video below…

THEN…Daniel rode in on a Harley – leather jacket, helmet, goggles, the works.  Not your grandmas church.

As the topic was ‘Pinks’, Daniel wanted to clearly communicate the idea of transitioning ownership of our lives to Christ.  There were 2 clear groups we wanted to address…Christians who won’t allow God to work fully in their lives because of something they won’t let go of, and those who need to experience a real ‘transfer of ownership’ and give their lives completely to Christ for the 1st time.  To make this tangible we had pink slips made up modeled after the Virginia Title transfer forms and printed on pink paper.  Pink_slip

Everybody wrote down their name and next to it the thing that they need to surrender.  Very powerful!

Thank you to the band, vocals, and tech team.  Lots of moving parts this week and everything went flawlessly!!


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