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Good Food-Good Friends

Dsc00045Dsc00050_2Dsc00041Dsc00044This past Monday, Jennifer and I, David & Chris, and Paul & Judy went to the Melting Pot for our birthdays (Judy, Dave, Me).  Very cool place.  Food was great.  Sadly for me, Jennifer doesn’t like seafood and I had to eat all the lobster.  Darn.  We annihilated the food….I mean tore it up. Cheese…gone…meat…gone….chocolate…inhaled.  Our reservation was at 8:30, which means I laid down around 11:30…feeling completely miserable. 
Then I woke up…and still felt the same.  Ate way too much.

Late Night Sonic Run

Nav_sonicsignlogotopJennifer and I just got back from our first birthing class (more on that tomorrow), and we felt we needed a treat.  Not really sure if a Banana Pudding Milkshake and Extra Long Coney Dog with chili and cheese is a good thing at 10:00 at night.  At the moment I am feeling it was bad decision….but gooood going down!


El Pollo Rico – You have to try this place if you are anywhere near the Pentagon.  Yesterday I met my sound tech for lunch and we ended up at this place.  As soon as I stepped out of the car I could smell deliciousness.  And when I saw the line out the door I knew I was in for a treat!  You walk in, and there are 4 of these ovens roasting whole chickens over wood.  The food is Puerto Rican and the seasoning is amazing!  They only take cash, so come prepared.  My wife is sick of hearing me talk about this place!Dsc00253