I was recently listening to a Seth Godin episode called “Ignore the Sunk Costs” from his Akimbo podcast. In the middle of it he talks about The Dip. It is a tricky segment of life where we have the choice of quitting or sticking it out. In fact he wrote an entire book on the […]

Little By Little

We live in a world that is obsessed with the big splash. As a church planter, I am keenly aware that churches have succeeded in making a big splash and growing quickly. I don’t know if that will happen for us. Would it be nice? Yes. But I wouldn’t want to do it if we […]

Opinions Are Like….

Social media is great. It allows people to connect and debate and spread their opinions. Social media is awful. It allows people to seclude and argue and spread their opinions. The thing I have realized is I am much more healthier mentally if I’m not digesting people that make me angry. The downside of that […]

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