Panera Bread

PanerabreadAll this talk about Starbucks and I’m beginning to think that Panera Bread isn’t feeling the love.

Yes Starbucks has overpriced coffee and the atmosphere to boot.  Nice cozy cubbies, eclectic music accentuating the swirling of cappuccinos machines – and questionable mini-lunch options.  Darn good gingerbread muffins though.

Why the Starbucks hating?  Well I had planned to go there to get some work done today…seems all trendy pastors should make the weekly pilgrimage to this American icon, and I felt that I wasn’t doing my part to keep the stock prices up.  But alas – packed to the gills.  Full of 40 and 50 somethings drinking their latte’s and reading yesterdays newspapers.

So I had to change plans.  Panera Bread is right down the road from my house and it has always been good to me.  Then I thought…why Starbucks anyway?  Here are my arguments:

  1. Panera Bread’s overpriced coffee is much better than Starbucks.  Let’s face it, Starbucks lost to McDonalds coffee in a taste test….its mud. 
  2. Starbucks thinks an 1/8" of room is enough to dilute the ‘put hair on your chest and other places you don’t want-strong coffee’.  Room for me with Starbucks is half a cup.  Panera let’s you make your own room.
  3. Panera’s overpriced coffee has some justification….free refills!
  4. Pay for internet!  Ha!  Free wi-fi at Panera….shame on you Starbucks.
  5. Room for more!  Panera has more than 4 chairs.
  6. Coffee Club@  8 Coffee’s at Panera and you get any free coffee drink on the menu!
  7. Where else can you go to get the nice fresh smell of burning bread?
  8. If you end up staying through lunch you have all sorts of options!  Can we say soup in a bread bowl?

Only thing missing….freakn’ awesome Peppermint Mochas.

Now we’re cookn’

Well you all know I like food.  Now I’m taking it up a level.  This is what I spent my graduation money on.  Time to smoke some ribs…and brisket…and chicken…and ham….and turkey…and burgers…and venison…and fish…and shish kabobs…and….more ribs.

Food…I love it

Jennifer has a business meeting tomorrow, then we are going to Lynchburg to see Daniel accept an award. So instead of having her drive to Winston Salem, then to Fredericksburg, then to Lynchburg, I decided to come with her and then just drive straight to Lynchburg. Anyway…that is just the side story…

We’re in NC and I asked the receptionist at the hotel, “Where can we find authentic NC BBQ?” Wala…Little Richards. Holy crap! Tons of food, and it was only $12. And it was REAL BBQ! You know…the kind with the slaw on top. And hushpuppies…hushpuppies that tasted like manna. Well, I think this is what manna tasted like. They were like popping candy. And the best…they have Cheerwine. The only time I think I’ve passed up sweet tea. But hey, its Cheerwine! Oh…you don’t know what that is? So sad for you.

You have those who eat to live and those who live to eat…..we are definetly the latter. I’m diving into some books tomorrow. I’ll keep you posted.