Opinions Are Like….

Social media is great. It allows people to connect and debate and spread their opinions.

Social media is awful. It allows people to seclude and argue and spread their opinions.

The thing I have realized is I am much more healthier mentally if I’m not digesting people that make me angry. The downside of that is that I never get to interact with people who think differently than me. That is a problem.

This problem lies in the fact that social media allows people to lob their opinions without repercussions. Here is my thesis: Everyone has an opinion. But when they aren’t held accountable for their opinions, they continue to spew bad opinions.

If you got get advice from someone, and they say “Go buy a new truck with a $900 payment!” You do this, and realize it was a mistake. You probably won’t go back to the person with the bad advice. Not so with the “online voices.” We keep going back to them. Why?

I see one guy who is a sports announcer on social media. He is always wrong – confidently. He’s like a broken clock though – right twice a day. His audience continues to grow, though. Why? Because he is never held accountable for the views he says that are wrong. He is rewarded for his outlandishness. It’s like watching a train-wreck – you can’t turn away and, in turn, they get paid for the clicks.

Social media won’t improve until we stop giving people an audience that are continually wrong. So what they are right twice a year? Why give them a voice into our psyche when they are wrong so often?

I said this to someone today, “In today’s society, we have too many couch PhDs.” What I mean by that is the internet and social media give too many people the platform to speak as an authority without the credentials or training of an authority.

Allow people who have wisdom to challenge your thinking. Discard the voices that are just loud for the sake of being loud.

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