Alinea Church – It’s Getting Real

When God asked Jennifer and I to do this, I thought I was crazy… I thought God was crazy. But He isn’t, and neither am I.

Last week over our dining room table, Jackie, someone we met over breakfast at a local diner, told us, with tears in her eyes, “I prayed you here.”

“I prayed you here”


That blew my mind. That God would use us and Alinea Church, to answer this person’s prayer. She prayed for a church home. She prayed for a place her husband and four kids could get involved. She prayed for authentic community. She prayed for a place where she could understand her faith better and how she was to live it out. Now we are here!

June is a big month for us. We begin the hard work of training our team for launch Sunday (August 8th). We finalize a lot of our systems we’ll need to disciple and care for people well. We also begin the big task of purchasing everything that we’ll need – and what a big task that is!!

There are 3 ways you can help us and join us in this mission:

Pray. We know that God is in this and we pray that God will send us workers for the harvest! We pray for a fresh outpouring of His Spirit on our church. We also pray for God’s wisdom and provision!

Share. Do you know someone in Middle Tennessee that needs a good home church? Let them know about us! We would love to welcome them with open arms!

Give. I am unashamed, now, to ask people to give to this. Why? Because I know God is behind it and he’ll use people just like you to fund it. We haven’t launched yet. It will take a lot of people who will never call this place home getting behind this financially. June is a critical month as most of our capital expenses will occur over the next 30 days. There are 2 primary ways you can give:

  • You can give at – Would you consider setting up a recurring gift for the next 12 months? This is a crucial time for us and the church!

Thank you for your prayers and your support. They mean more than you could ever imagine!


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