Letter to Church, Family, & Friends

Dear everybody,

Wasn’t quite sure how to greet you all, so I hope that works.

of you know, and some of you don’t, that Jennifer and I have had a
trying couple of days.  I will try to sum up what has happened.

and I have been trying to have a child since January.  Those of you who
know us best, know how private we are.  So we’ve kept this a secret
pretty well.  Until now!  After much prayer, we chose to pursue
fertility treatments.  November 2 we found out that we were indeed
pregnant!  To God be the glory!  Late Monday night, Jennifer started
experiencing some pain, which subsided as she fell asleep.  The pain
then intensified Tuesday morning enough for us to rush to the ER.  Upon
an ultra sound, the Dr’s realized that she had a tubal pregnancy that
ruptured.  They rushed her into surgery and stopped the bleeding but of
course that child was lost.  The good news is there is a healthy 3 1/2
week old baby right where it is supposed to be!  We were even able to
see the heart beat at such an early age!

are now finally home and trying to get some much needed rest.
Jennifer’s parent’s traveled here to Fredericksburg to help us out
during this time.  I am asking all to please be in prayer for Jennifer
and the baby.  Also please help us to protect our little bit of privacy
we have.  Thankfully, we have a loving church family, a wonderful small
group, and close friends and family to help us through this time.  And
that is what the family of Christ is here for – to do life together!

will ask for prayer Sunday at church, so this is not really a secret.
We simply are trying to find a balance between healthy church &
family support and needed personal space.  Thank you all for you
understanding, love, and prayers!  In 9 months you will see the fruit!


In HIS Grip
Jeremy Pickwell
Worship & Arts Pastor
Lighthouse Church

1 thought on “Letter to Church, Family, & Friends

  1. matt


    we haven’t met in person…just through the blog world, but just wanted you to know that you and your family are in my prayers. Praise God for His hand in this situation.

    – matt

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