Vacation Pt3 – The Game

Very sorry to Gary and Fred for us pulling out the greatest 4th quarter comeback in Neyland Stadium history!!!  But I’m ahead of myself.


On Saturday we went to the Vanderbilt – Tennessee game.  Now on the calender, this isn’t expected to be that great of a game.  Probably why I was able to get tickets to begin with.  But hey…its UT…its Neyland Stadium…its the last home game of the year…its Senior day.  And any time I can get to a UT game its worth it.  I think it had been 10 years since my last one!

But regardless of who we played, it was one of the most exciting game I have ever been to!  Well…the first 3 quarters sucked.  We sucked!  Down 24-9 at the end of the 3rd quarter.  Then we finally scored.  Then we scored again:

To make a long story short we came from behind.  At one point, we ran back a punt 50 yards.  It was so loud my ears were ringing!  I was jumping up and down and nearly fell on the lady in front of me! We kicked a field goal to go ahead.  But then Vandy had their own big run back.  We stopped them – but thanks to a blind ref on a bad interference call, they got another 4 downs.  Again we stopped them, and it was left in the hands of their kicker.  I swear he missed it by 1 foot.  I actually thought it went in, but I could see our fans on the other side of the stadium going bananas.  It was PANDIMONIUM!

Of course the drunk guy at the end of our row was in a good mood the entire time.  We had to give him a high-five to get by him.  He was a hoot.

Here are some fun pics for you to enjoy.  If we get past KY next week, its off to Atlanta!  Anybody want to fly me down and get me tickets to the game??

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