08 Conferences…

I posted a question about conferences a few months back and didn’t get much response.  So let’s try again!

We can go to 2 confrences a year.  One will definetly be Drive at Northpoint.  So I can choose 1 more.  What do you recommend?

Buzz Conference – D.C. – June 08
Purpose Driven Worship – Orange Co. – June 08
Willow Arts Conference – Chicago – June 08
C3 – Dallas – 08
Catalyst – Atlanta -Oct 08
Re:Create Conference – Franklin – Feb 08

Please help!

2 thoughts on “08 Conferences…

  1. drummerboy

    A part of me would say the buzz because it is local, but the other part says C3, based on how your role has shifted from mainly worship to leading the creative elements.

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