Blown away!

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God is up to something.  The first Sunday in January we had 336.  We ran out of seats!  The ushers were running around like mad men trying to fix the problem.  I actually had a friend visit that day and he said that our ushers were "a force of nature."  Way to go guys!

So the week following there was much wringing of hands and deep contemplation.  What do we do?  3rd service?  New campus?  Meet in the parking lot with 30 degree weather?  One of our volunteers had a perfect solution.  We pulled out 1 set of the 3 bleachers that line the left wall – covered them with pipe and drape – and dropped the drape when we needed it.  And boy did we need it!  388!  I can’t believe how fast it filled up.

So now what do we do?  Well 1st we moved the 9:15 service to 9:30 in an attempt to get more people in there (which it was nearly full last week).  2nd we are going to pull out a 2nd set of bleachers.

I think the hardest thing to do is stay ahead of God.   When you commit yourself to increasing your capacity for God to bless, you better hold on.  Because God has a way of blessing you much faster than you could ever imagine! 

This wave is amazing!  Surfs up dude!

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