Worship Team Growth PT2

  • Shadowing – All new volunteers shadow – even on the worship
    team.  They make tryouts.  They then come to several practices.  Then
    they’ll come to a pre-service setup and practice – all before playing
    one note on a Sunday.  This allows them to get comfortable and for us
    to take some time and teach.  Each band has a different style, way of
    working together, and drive.  This way we can ‘show them the ropes.’
  • Leadership Structure – Having Matt
    as my Music Director is the best thing that has happened to our team.
    He is able to give much more attention to the group than I would ever
    be able to (I am really the Service Programming Manager: Host Team,
    Media, Worship Band and Vocals, Marketing).  So spreading the
    leadership load is essential.
  • Intentional Holes – This one sounds the strangest, but I
    think it is the most important.  A good friend of mine and very wise
    worship leader told me that my ministry was effectively dysfunctional.
    I had the same 3 musicians (guitar, drums, bass) EVERY Sunday.  Why
    would anybody think that we needed their help?  He told me to create
    holes on purpose.  I thought he was nuts.  We started scheduling people
    off once a month – mandatory.  Now we’ve added a keyboard player,
    drummer, 2 guitar players, 2 vocalists, and more inquiries into the
  • Consistency – The worse thing you can do, and boy do I know this from experience, is change up stuff all of the time.  Don’t create a schizophrenic ministry. 
    Keep practice the same.  Keep your rules consistent.  Always send your
    schedule and line-up well in advance.  Give them time to prepare and be
    successful.  I’m not saying don’t be flexible.  You have to be
    adaptable!  Our music style has changed considerably in just a 2
    years.  But stick to your guns.  And stick to the vision of the Pastor.


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