Seeing the Future

I can’t see the future.  I can only prepare for it.  And when your riding a wave of God’s blessing, this can be more difficult that it sounds!

Since the first week of January we have seen a bump in attendance by 50 people each week.  For us the first week of January was a great Sunday as far as attendance is concerned….then they just kept coming!  336, 388, 435?  Are you freakn’ kidding me?  Now our meetings revolve around finding solutions. 

But I believe this – God will continue blessing as long as we continue to expand our capacity.  That is why we are committed to our people to find empty seats for their friends and family.  And we continue to look for a new location.  And I whole-heartedly believe that God WILL provide.  Why?  Because HIS name is at stake.  I believe that God wants to bless us, and therefore will provide room for that blessing.  At the same time we will do our part to find solutions where we are at, systems to take care of the people, and a healthy leadership structure to mobilize an army of volunteers.

Can I see the future?  No.  But I have this book that tells me a whole lot about how BIG our God, how much he loves us, how much he wants to bless, and how much he wants to reach this world.  And this knowledge always makes me have to prepare for more that I could imagine.

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