Found It

I really don’t know how to put into words how ultimately vindicated I feel.  Anything I say will ultimately fall short, so I’m going to just bullet this out.

  • God answers prayer!
  • My wife is in big big trouble
  • God told me that I would find the money today…I told Jennifer that this morning.
  • My wife is in big big trouble
  • You have no idea how much stress this has caused me
  • You also have no idea how many times I sorted through nasty diaper filled garbage "one last time" just to make sure
  • I’m sick of garbage
  • I hate cash – plastic baby (Sorry all loyal followers of Dave)
  • I was standing in my closet, and looked up to see the Wii box.  I thought to myself, "Self…could it be in there…could my wife have packed into there…no…no she wouldn’t have done that.  But alas I must try every possibility…after exausting checking the cars for the 5th time, and the garbage 3 times, and my office 6 times, and every book on my bookshelf 2 times.
  • And with my wife overlooking the process, I see the magical red and blue Bank of America envelope….and my wife runs.
  • My wife is in big big trouble
  • Sorry babe – the whole "I gave birth thing isn’t cutting it this time"

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