Random Thoughts

  • I’m out of creamer and it sucks.
  • My coffee pot exploded (subject for another post), but I’m digging my backup – a French Press.
  • Jennifer HAD to go eat and a dinner for work – AT MELTING POT!  So I made her bring me home the take-out equivalent – Long John Silvers.  Oh yeah baby.  Give me some Malt Vinegar.  Back off!
  • I’m cold.
  • Just about tired of house hunting…oh by the way, we’re house hunting.
  • Still can’t find my money.  Crap.
  • Need creamer.  Double crap.
  • I love my volunteers!
  • I wonder if my volunteers would bring me some creamer?
  • P90x is turning into P184x.
  • I am praying over the prayer requests from Sunday.  Unintended effect – I feel closer to them!
  • Can’t wait for Drive Conference!
  • Can’t wait for Sunday!
  • What will God do next?
  • Tennessee lost to KY….triple crap.
  • Wyatt has learned how to splash in the tub….need a bigger mop.
  • Heath Ledger dies…wow.
  • Thompson out.  Now who do I vote for?
  • Really digging the word Buggar…does that make me British?

2 thoughts on “Random Thoughts

  1. Tom

    Go Kentucky
    If need creamer just ask.
    I don’t care how many god sends our way, i hope he sends them with a building, or a big tent with heaters.
    see ya

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